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English Course List

Courses that Support English Instruction for Spring 2020

Full Support means that the course and material is in English if there is a request for it.

FULL ENGLISH MATERIAL means that all material and exams are given in English; teaching is in Hebrew.

English Material Provided means that all exams and some material are in English; teaching is in Hebrew

Course Number Course Name Lecturer Name Details Semester
236503 Project in CS Advanced Programming 1 Oren Mishali All lecture slides are in English Spring 2020
236603 Advanced Topics in Computer Science 3 Oren Mishali All lecture slides are in English Spring 2020
236525 Introduction to network coding, bounds and construction Tuvi etzion Full Support Spring 2020
236716 Geometric Modeling in CAD systems Elbar Geshon Full Support Spring 2020
238739 Discrete Algorithmic Geometrys Gill Barequet Full Support Spring 2020
236369 Managing Data on The World-Wide Web Benny Kimelfeld All of the course material is in English Spring 2020
236824 Seminar in Robotics Oren Salzman Full Support Spring 2020
236200 Signal, image and data processing Alfred Bruckstein Full Support Spring 2020