3D Reconstruction by Example.

Ronen Basri
Thursday, 23.3.2006, 11:30
room 815, EE Building

Assume we have knowledge of the shape and appearance of several example 3D objects, all from a specific class. How can this knowledge be used to recover the 3D shape of a novel object of the same class from a single view? In this talk I try to answer this question by presenting two new methods for 3D reconstruction from single images. The first method uses examples of feasible appearance-to-depth mappings, extracted from a pre-collected set of 3D objects, to produce reconstructions of novel objects belonging to a variety of classes (e.g., hands, human figures). On-the-fly example synthesis scheme is used to cope with unknown viewing conditions and large example sets. The second method focuses on human faces, allowing 3D reconstruction using only a single reference model of a different person's face. Assuming Lambertian reflectance and rough alignment of the input image to the reference model, this method seeks shape, albedo, and lighting that best fit the image while preserving the rough structure of the model. We demonstrate this approach by providing accurate reconstructions of novel faces overcoming significant differences in shape due to gender, race, and facial expressions.

Joint work with Ira Kemelmacher and Tal Hassner.

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