Active Contours on Manifolds & Global Minimization of the Active Contour Model

Xavier Bresson
Tuesday, 30.5.2006, 11:30
Taub 337

In this talk, I will present two image segmentation models based on the active contour method. The first model introduces an evolution equation for active contours embedded on parametric Riemannian manifolds. A first application of this equation, called "multiscale active contours" [1], allows to segment multiscale structures in general scale spaces s.a. the linear scale space and also the curvature or the Beltrami scale spaces. A second application leads to the segmentation of structures on omnidirectional images defined on spherical, hyperbolic and parabolic manifolds [2]. The current work attempts to generalize the previous models to non-parametric manifolds. The second model I will present concerns the global minimization of the active contour model [7]. Inspired by the work of Chan-Esedoglu-Nikolova [3] and using the weighted total variation norm, we propose a global minimization framework for the active contour model based on the Rudin-Osher-Fatemi model [4] and the Mumford-Shah functional [5]. Besides, the global minimization process is speed up thanks to the work of Chambolles [6]. The current work consists of generalizing this model to natural images containing smooth regions and textures using the image decomposition idea.

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