ceClub: IBM's PowerEN Developer Cloud: Fertile Ground for Academic Research

עמית גולנדר, IBM חיפה
יום רביעי, 2.3.2011, 11:30
טאוב 201

IBM's newest technology, the Power Edge of Network (PowerEN) processor, merges network and server attributes to create a new class of wire-speed processor. PowerEN is a hybrid computer that employs: massive multithreading capabilities, integrated I/O and unique special-purpose accelerators for compression, cryptography, pattern matching, XML and Network processing.

As a novel architecture, the PowerEN processor offers fertile ground for research. It can facilitate the development of faster applications in many fields of computer science such as Networking, Cryptography, Virtualization, Bioinformatics, SOA, and Systems. IBM encourages academic research and has set up the "PowerEN Developer Cloud" infrastructure to allow it. Israeli universities are of the first to perform research on this global infrastructure.

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