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Technion 2012 Researchers Night
Tuesday, September 4, 2012
Technion 2012 Researchers NightOn Monday, Sepember 24 2012, at 16:00-22:00 the Computer Science Department at the Technion will hold the 2012 Researchers Night event, where the Technion will open its gates to the public and offer meetings with researchers, laboratory presentations, lectures, workshops, activities, live demonstrations, and other activities in a variety of computing areas.

This year's Researchers Night event will focus on "100 years for Turing and Computer Science in Israel". The event will include presentations of computing laboratories from most departments at the Technion, alongside presentations of leading companies in the High-Tech industry. The main session will be held at 20:00 and will feature talks by Ran Levi, writer, producer and presenter of the "Making History" podcast who will talk on "Kasparov vs. Maradona: on Alan Turing and Artificial Intelligence", and Muli Eden, CEO of Intel Israel, who will talk on the computers of the future.

You are all invited!

Participation is free of charge, but requires pre-registration. The event will be held in Hebrew. Further details and registration in the event website.
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