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CS Ph.D. Graduation Ceremony, 2022
Tuesday, May 24, 2022
CS Ph.D. Graduation Ceremony, 2022

CS Ph.D. Graduation Ceremony, 2022

The Technion Ph.D. Students Graduation Ceremony, 2022 was held on Monday evening, May 23, 2022 at the Technion amphitheatre. Prof. Uri Sivan, Technion President and Prof. Dan Givoli, Head of Technion Graduate Studies School spoke in front of a huge audience and Prof. Irad Yavneh from CS conducted the ceremony. This year 212 Technion graduates in 2021-2022 received their Ph.D. diplomas, among them 21 Computer Science graduates:

Dolev Adas Titled: Concurrent Sketches and their Applications Advised by: Roy Friedman
Uri Alon Titled: Machine Learning for Programming Language Processing Advised by: Eran Yahav
Amit Boyarski Titled: Geometry In Numerical Algorithms Advised by: Alexander Bronstein
Chaim Baskin Titled:  Designing Deep Neural Networks for Efficient and Robust Inference Advised by: Alexander Bronstein
Johan Chrisnata Titled: Sequences and their Applications Advised by: Kiah Han Mao
David Dovrat Titled: An Automata Theory Method for the Analysis of Unicycle Pursuit Problems Advised by: Alfred Bruckstein
Tomer Golani Titled: Deep Generative Models for ECG Classification Advised by: Shachar Itzhaky,
Alona Golts Titled: Deep Energy: Task Driven Training of Deep Neural Networks Advised by: Michael Elad
Tao Hong Titled: Numerical Optimization and Multigrid Computational Methods with Applications Advised by: Irad Yavneh,
Michael Zibulevsky
Shoval Lagziel Titled: Computational Inference of Cancer Metabolic Alterations for Early Diagnosis and Treatment Advised by: Tomer Shlomi
Rotem Liss Titled: Entanglement and Geometrical Distances in Quantum Information and Quantum Cryptography Advised by: Tal Mor
Alex Markuze Titled: Characterizing, Exploiting, Detecting and Preventing DMA Attacks in the Presence of an IOMMU Advised by: DanTsafrir,
Adam Morrison
John Noonan Titled: Indoor Exploration with a Robotic Vehicle using a Single Camera and a Floorplan Advised by: Ehud Rivlin,
Hector Rotstein
Galia Nordon Titled: Leveraging Multiple Drug Modalities for Drug Repurposing Advised by: Benny Kimelfeld,
Varda Shalev'
Kira Radinsky
Dror Simon Titled: Generative Models: Affecting Current Practice with Traditional Methods Advised by: Michael Elad
Yaron Fairstein Titled: Dynamicity and Multi-Commodity in Networks Advised by: Seffi Naor,
Danny Raz
Hadar Frenkel Titled: Automata over Infinite Data Domains:Learnability and Applications in Program Verification and Repair Advised by: Orna Grumberg,
Sarai Sheinvald
Michal Korenberg (Friedman) Titled: Concurrent Data-Structures for Non-Volatile Memory Advised by: Erez Petrank
Ariel Kulik Titled: Submodular and Linear Maximization with Knapsack Constraints Advised by: Hadas Shachnai
Alon Stern Titled: Methods for Inferring Compartmentalized Fluxes and Concentrations in Mammalian Cells Advised by: Tomer Shlomi
Lev Yohananov Titled: Codes Over Graphs Advised by: Eitan Yaakobi

Congratulations and best of luck to all our graduates!

Pictures from the event

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