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NameDescriptionLocationPhoneOffice HoursEmail
Ailon, NirAdvisor for Students exchange6074842Wednesday,
Ben-Sasson, EliAdvisor for students not in good standing5234892Tuesday,
Bshouty, NaderAdvisor for students not in good standing and for CS and Mathematics track7374310Tuesday,
Fischer, EldarAdvisor for students in good and not in good standing and for List B6253967Thursday,
Geiger, DanAdvisor for Bioinformatics6164339Monday,
Kimelfeld, BennyAdvisor for Information Systems Engineering6315528Tuesday,
Kushilevitz, EyalAdvisor for students not in good standing5304303Wednesday,
Lindenbaum, MichaelAdvisor for Computer Engineering6004331Monday,
Markovitch, ShaulVice Dean for Undergraduate Studies6094346By appointment with UG Secretariat 4344/16 בתיאום עם מזכירות הסמכה
Mor, TalAdvisor for CS and Physics track6344885Monday,
Yaakobi, EitanAdvisor for students not in good standing6384952Sunday,
Yahav, EranAdvisor for Software Engineering Track7344318Monday,