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Saar Zehavi

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Research interests
Communication Complexity, Graph Theory, Random Graphs, Combinatorics, The Probabilistic Method and Number Theory.
Selected publications
  • Yuval Dagan and Sa'ar Zehavi.
    There is no Efficient Sparse Clasificator With Sublinear Regret,.
    [bibtex] [pdf]
  • Ivo Fagundes David de Olivera and Sa'ar Zehavi.
    Not Conway's 99-Graph Problem,.
    [bibtex] [pdf]
  • Ivo Fagundes David de Olivera, Sa'ar Zehavi and Ori Davidov.
    Stochastic Transitivity: Axioms and Models,.
    [bibtex] [pdf]
  • Sa'ar Zehavi.
    Undergraduate Research Project: Hand Detection and Tracking,.