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Associate Professor Yossi Gil

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Research interests
Software engineering, in particular: aspects related to the object-oriented paradigm, programming languages and parsing.
Selected publications

GIL, J., and HOLSTEIN, B., "T++: A test case generator using a debugging information based technique for source code manipulation", Proceedings of TOOLS USA'97 (Conference on Techniques of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems).

GIL, J., and KENT, S., "Three dimensional software modelling", Proceeding of ICSE'98 (The 20th International Conference on Software Engineering), 1998.

GIL, J., and GUTTERMAN, Z., "Compile time symbolic derivation with C++ templates", Proceedings of COOTS'98 (4th USENIX Conference on Object-Oriented Technologies and Systems), 1998.

GIL, J., and ITAI, A., "The complexity of object oriented type analysis", Proceedings of ECOOP'98 (European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming), 1998.

GIL, J., and LORENZ, D.H., "Language design vs. design patterns", IEEE Computer, 1998.