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Tavi Halperin (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)Pixel Club: Endless Loops: Detecting and Animating Periodic Patterns in...18.1.2022, 11:30
Amir Livne, M.Sc. Thesis SeminarHow to Avoid Depth Reconstruction in 3D Vision Tasks: Do...18.1.2022, 13:30
Stav Perle, Ph.D. Thesis SeminarMathematical Techniques for Cryptanalysis20.1.2022, 15:00
Refael Cohen, M.Sc. Thesis SeminarSMEGA2: Distributed Deep Learning Using a Single Momentum Buffer24.1.2022, 10:00
Shadi Endrawis, M.Sc. Thesis SeminarEfficient Self-Supervised Data Collection for Offline Robot Learning24.1.2022, 15:00
Omer Rappoport, M.Sc. Thesis SeminarSolving Constrained Horn Clauses Lazily and Incrementally25.1.2022, 10:30
Roei Kisous, M.Sc. Thesis SeminarClustering Based Data Migration in Deduplicated Storage1.2.2022, 13:30