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Best Paper Award at the ISITA 2022
Tuesday, October 25, 2022
Best Paper Award at the ISITA 2022 Congratulations to Orian Leitersdorf Ph.D. student, Adir Kobovich M.Sc. student, Daniella Bar-Lev, Ph.D. student, Prof. Eitan Yaakobi on winning the Best Paper Award at the ISITA 2022 conference, for their paper: "Codes for Constrained Periodicity". In this paper, the authors studied a family of constraints which prevent substrings with low periodicity. These constraints have applications in racetrack memories and DNA-based storage systems. The paper was written as part of the Orian's and Adir's final project in the course 236379 Coding and Algorithms for Memories which is given by Daniella and Eitan.
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