Photo of Prof. Dan Geiger

Prof. Dan Geiger


Contact information
4261, 4262
Office Hours:
By appointment with Dean coordinator
Research interests
Probabilistic networks, Bayesian learning, Computational Genetics.
Selected publications
SILBERSTEIN, M., TZEMACH, A., DOVGOLEVSKY, N., FISHELSON, M., SCHUSTER, A., GEIGER D., "On-line System for Faster Linkage Analysis via Parallel Execution on Thousands of Personal Computers", American Journal of Human Genetics, Vol 78, pp. 922-935, 2006.

FISHELSON, M. GEIGER D., "Optimizing exact genetic linkage computations", Journal of Computational Biology, Vol 11, pp. 263--275, 2004.

BECKER, A., GEIGER, D., and SCHAFFER, A., "Automatic selection of loop breakers for genetic linkage analysis", Human Heredity, Vol. 48, No.1, pp. 49-60, 1998.

FRIEDMAN, N., GEIGER, D., and GOLDSZMIDT, M., "Bayesian networks classifiers", Machine Learning, Vol. 29, pp. 131-163, 1997.

HECKERMAN, D., GEIGER, D., and CHICKERING, M., "Learning Bayesian networks: The combination of knowledge and statistical data", Machine Learning, Vol. 20, No. 3, pp. 197-243, 1995.

GEIGER, D., and PEARL, J., "Logical and algorithmic properties of conditional independence and graphical models", Annals of Statistics, Vol. 21, pp. 2001-2021, 1993.

WESSBROD, O., CHRISTOPH L., GEIGER, D., and HECKERMAN, D., "Accurate liability estimation substantially improves power in ascertained case control studies". Nature Methods, 12(4):332-334, 2015.