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Prof. Nissim Francez

The Bank Leumi Chair in Computer Science

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Research interests
Primary: Formal semantics of natural language; Type-logical grammar; Computational linguistics;λ-calculus and proof theory.
Secondary: Semantics of programming languages; Program verification; Concurrent and distributed programming; Logic programming.
Selected publications

FRANCEZ, N., and PNUELI, A.,"A proof method for cyclic programs", Acta Informatica, Vol. 9, 1978, pp. 133-157.

FRANCEZ, N., "Distributed termination", ACM-TOPLAS, Vol. 2, No.1, 1980, pp. 42-55.

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GRUMBERG, O., FRANCEZ, N., MAKOVSKY, J.A., and DeROEVER, W.P., "A proof rule for fair termination of guarded commands", Information and Control, Vol. 66, No. 1/2, 1985, pp. 83-102.

KAMINSKI, M., and FRANCEZ, N., "Finite memory automata", TCS, Vol. 134, No. 2, pp. 329-364, 1994.

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FRANCEZ, N., "On the direction of fibring feature logics with concatenation logics", Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics (LACL97), 1997.

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