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Dr. Gabi Nakibly

Researcher in Reuven Cohen Research Team

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Selected publications
  • Eitan Menahem, Gabi Nakibly, Nir Amar and Yuval Elovici.
    ACTIDS: An Active Strategy For Detecting and Localizing Network Attacks.
    In Proceedings of AISec, 2013 [bibtex]
  • Adi Sosnovich, Orna Grumberg and Gabi Nakibly.
    Finding Security Vulnerabilities in a Network Protocol using Parameterized Systems.
    In Proceedings of CAV, 2013 [bibtex]
  • Roee Hay, Jonathan Kalechstein and Gabi Nakibly.
    Subverting BIND's SRTT Algorithm Derandomizing NS Selection.
    In Proceedings of USENIX WOOT, 2013 [bibtex]
  • David Fifield, Gabi Nakibly and Dan Boneh.
    OSS: Using Online Scanning Services for Censorship Circumvention.
    In Proceedings of PETS, 2013 [bibtex]
  • Gabi Nakibly, Dima Gonikman, Alex Kirshon and Dan Boneh.
    Persistent OSPF Attacks.
    In Proceedings of NDSS, 2012 [bibtex] [pdf]
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