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Prof. Alon Itai

The Feldman Family Chair in Computer Science

Contact information
Office Hours:
No office hours
Research interests
Deterministic and Randomized Data Structures and Algorithms; Algorithms for secondary storage; Coropora Based Natural Language Processing; Computational Learning Theory; Distributed Computing.
Selected publications

EVEN, S., ITAI, A., and SHAMIR, A., "On the complexity of timetable and multi-commodity flow", SIAM Journal on Computing, Vol. 5, pp. 691-703, 1976.

ITAI, A., and RODEH, M., "The multi-tree approach to reliability in distributed networks", Information and Computation, Vol. 79, No. 1, pp. 43-59, 1988.

ZEHAVI, A., and ITAI, A., "Three tree-paths", Journal of Graph Theory, Vol. 13, No. 2, 177-188, 1989.

ITAI, A., and RODEH, M., Symmetry breaking in distributed networks, Information and Computation, Vol. 88, No. 1, pp. 60-87, 1990.

BENEDEK, G., and ITAI, A., "Learnability by fixed distributions", Theoretical Computer Science, Vol. 86, pp. 377-389, 1991.

BAR-YEHUDA, R., GOLDREICH, O., and ITAI, A., "On the time complexity of broadcast in radio networks: an exponential, gap between determinism and randomization", Journal of Computer and System Science, Vol. 45, pp. 104-126, 1992.

DAGAN, I., and ITAI, A., "Word sense disambiguation using a second language monolingual corpus", Computational Linguistics, Vol. 20, pp. 563-596, 1994.

ALLENBERG-NAVONY, N., ITAI, A., and MORAN, S., "Average and randomized complexity of distributed problems", SIAM Journal on Computing, Vol. 6, pp. 1257-1267, 1996.

EFRAT, A., ITAI, A., and KATZ, M., "Geometry helps in bottleneck matching and related problems", Submitted Algorithmica, preliminary version appeared in The Twelfth Annual Symposium on Computational Geometry, 1996.