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Associate Professor (Ret.) Eliezer Kantorowitz

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Research interests
Software engineering; user interfaces; component oriented programming; internet programming; components with semantic interfaces; statistical estimation of the number of software faults
Selected publications
KANTOROWITZ, E., and SUDARSKY, O., "The adaptable userinterface", Communication of the ACM, Vol. 32, pp. 1352-1358, November 1989.
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KANTOROWITZ, E., "Algorithm simplification through objectorientation", Software Practice and Experience, Vol. 27, No.2, pp. 173-183, 1997.
KANTOROWITZ, E., ARZI, L., and GUTMANN, A., "The performanceof the n-fold requirements inspection method", RequirementEngineering Journal, Vol. 2, pp. 152-164, 1997.
KANTOROWITZ, E., "Is extension complexity a fundamental softwaremetric?" European Conference on Object Oriented Programming Workshop onObject Oriented Software Metrics, Brussels, 1998.
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