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Prof. Ron Y. Pinter

Contact information
Office Hours:
Wednesday, 15:00-16:30
Research interests
Bioinformatics; High performance computing; Programming languages; Compiler technology; Automated design of integrated circuits; Information organization and retrieval; Data integration; Algorithmic number theory.
Selected publications
Meirav Zehavi, Dor Ganor and Ron Y. Pinter: GRegNetSim: A Note on GRegNetSim: A Tool for the Discrete Simulation and Analysis of Genetic Regulatory Networks IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics(TCBB), "Vol 17, No. 1, pp. 316-320, Jan.-Feb. 2020.

Ron Y. Pinter, Hadas Shachnai, Meirav Zehavi: Partial Information Network Queries. J. Discrete Algorithms 31: 129-145 (2015).

Ron Y. Pinter, Hadas Shachnai, Meirav Zehavi: Improved Parameterized Algorithms for Network Query Problems. IPEC 2014: 294-306.

Ron Y. Pinter, Hadas Shachnai, Meirav Zehavi: Deterministic Parameterized Algorithms for the Graph Motif Problem. MFCS (2) 2014: 589-600.

Ron Y. Pinter and Meirav Zehavi: Algorithms for topology-free and alignment network queries. J. Discrete Algorithms 27: 29-53 (2014).

Sharon, I., Battchikova, N., Aro, E.-M., Giglione, C., Meinnel, T., Glaser, F., Pinter, R.Y., Breitbart, M., Rohwer, F., and Beja, O. (2011) Comparative metagenomics of microbial traits within oceanic viral communities. ISME J. advance online DOI:10.1038/ismej.2011.2

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