Call for participation (May 5, 2017)

Workshop on
Metafinite Model Theory and Definability and
Complexity of Numeric Graph Parameters
(Metafinite 2017)

Affiliated with LICS 2017
June 19 2017, Reykjavik, Iceland
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The list below is not the chronological order.

    Introductory Lectures (40 min)

  1. J.A. Makowsky (Technion, Haifa), Generalized Chromatic Polynomials and the Counting Complexity for Metafinite Structures Abstract
  2. A. Goodall (Charles University, Prague), Graph Polynomials by Interpreting Sequences of Finite Relational Structures Abstract

    Keynote Lectures (40 min)

  3. E. Graedel (RWTH, Aachen), Metafinite Model Theory Abstract
  4. Y. Gurevich (Microsoft, Redmond), Finite, Infinite and Metafinite Abstract
  5. J. Nesetril (Charles University, Prague), Sparse Dense Dichotomy in the Context of Model Theory Abstract

    Contributed Lectures (30 min)

  6. J. Hubicka (Charles University, Prague), Automorphism Groups and Ramsey Properties of Sparse Graphs Abstract
  7. M. Kaminski (Oxford University, Oxford, GB), Decidable Classes of Datalog Programs with Arithmetic Abstract
  8. T. Kotek (TU Vienna), Integer Sequences Arising from Graph Polynomials: An Application of a Theorem by C. Blatter and E. Specker Abstract
  9. N. Labai (TU Vienna), On the Exact Learnabiliy of Numeric Graph Parameters. Abstract
  10. A. Manuel (Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai), Combinatorial Expressions and Inexpressability in Metafinite Structures. Abstract
  11. K. Meer (BTU, Cottbus), Generalized Finite Automata over the Real Numbers. Abstract
  12. M. Ziegler (KAIST, Daejeon), On the Consistency Problem for Modular Lattices and Related Structures. Abstract
  13. E. Ternovska (SFU, Burnaby, BC), The Graedel-Gurevich Small Cost Condition and Capturing NP in Knowledge Representation Languages Abstract

    Finale (45 min)

  14. Discussion and Problem Session