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Michael Mendelson, M.Sc. Thesis SeminarDebiasing Methods in Natural Language Understanding Make Bias More Accessible27.7.2021, 10:30
Or Avnat, M.Sc. Thesis SeminarOn the Recursive Structure of Multigrid Cycles2.8.2021, 14:00
Michal Friedman, Ph.D. Thesis SeminarConcurrent Data Structures for Non-Volatile Memory3.8.2021, 14:00
Ameer Amer, M.Sc. Thesis SeminarAuctions with Interdependence and SOS: Improved Approximation5.8.2021, 12:30
Elad Nachmias, M.Sc. Thesis SeminarLearning to Log with Control Flow Graph8.8.2021, 11:00
Ido Rafael, M.Sc. Thesis SeminarEfficient Distributed Construction of Small k-Dominating Sets10.8.2021, 10:30
Bahjat Kawar, M.Sc. Thesis SeminarLangevin Dynamics in Image Restoration24.8.2021, 10:30