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Ohad Goudsmid, M.Sc. Thesis SeminarCompositional Model Checking for Multi-Properties24.1.2021, 15:30
Stefanie Elgeti (Institute of Lightweight Design and Structural Biomechnics,TU Wien)CGGC Seminar: Errors in Judgement in Engineering: What Can They...25.1.2021, 11:00
Adam Morrison (Tel-Aviv University)ceClub: Comprehensive Protection for Speculatively-Accessed Data27.1.2021, 11:30
Ramy Masalha, M.Sc. Thesis SeminarHeterogeneous Parametric Trivariate Fillets1.2.2021, 13:30
Dor Hovav, M.Sc. Thesis SeminarLimited Associativity Caching in the Data Plane8.2.2021, 10:00