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Hypernetworks and a New Feedback Model
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Tuesday, 31.3.2020, 14:30
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Room 337 Taub Bld.
Advisor:  School of Computer Science, Tel-Aviv University
Host:  Yuval Filmus
Hypernetworks, also known as dynamic networks, are neural networks in which the weights of at least some of the layers vary dynamically based on the input. Such networks have composite architectures in which one network predicts the weights of another network. I will briefly describe the early days of dynamic layers and present recent results from diverse domains: 3D reconstruction from a single image, image retouching, electrical circuit design, decoding block codes, graph hypernetworks for bioinformatics, and action recognition in video. Finally, I will present a new hypernetwork-based model for the role of feedback in neural computations. Short Bio: ========== Lior Wolf is a faculty member at the School of Computer Science at Tel Aviv University and a research scientist at Facebook AI Research. Before, he was a postdoc working with Prof. Poggio at CBCL, MIT. He received his PhD working with Prof. Shashua at the Hebrew U, Jerusalem. ====================================== Refreshments will be served from 14:15 Lecture starts at 14:30
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