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General Information

How to update information on site

Contact website's webmaster

For help, ideas for improvements to our web site and bug reports You may send an email to webmaster.

How to update information

The following describes the actions needed to update each of the site's sections:

Personal Information

To change personal information such as name, office, phone, email, office hours and advisor, contact Maya Sidis

Personal Website

The faculty enables and encourages CS users to set up a personal website where they will display a list of publications, information about their research, and more.

The site can be set up within the network of WordPress sites that the faculty offers.

In order to set it up, you must submit a request in the faculty Helpdesk, indicate your full name, faculty username and email address (to which you will be notified of the site opening and how to access the site).

More details can be found on the instructions page.

Personal Picture (Faculty Members)

Send your picture file to Maya Sidis. Please send image with the following size: 175 x 250 px

Personal Research Areas / Interests

To be added/removed from a research area group, or to change your personal research interests, contact Maya Sidis.

Course Web Site Address in Courses List

The system automatically scans the network every hour to find new courses. It is configured to find sites with postfix of ~cs, ~ct, as well as WebCourse sites. Thus, many times all you have to do is just wait an hour, and your site will be automatically linked.

Detailed info about sites for the course:

The system checks the following URLs (in this order of priority) for the course for previous, current and next semesters:

  • COURSE# is course number (236XXX, etc.).
  • SEMESTER-NAME is: Summer20xx, Spring20xx, Winter20xx (The same as in webcourse).
  • 20xx - is the year of the semester that the course is given.
  • For ~csCOURSE# page, you need to create a subdir with name SEMESTER-NAME under .www/ directory.
  • In that dir, create file index.html, and put your page there.

Example. Create web page in ~csCOURSE# for course 236999, semester summer 2013:

  • Login into user cs236999 (if you dont have an account for the course, please open Helpdesk request);
  • Create the file ~cs236999/.www/Summer2013/index.html;
  • Make sure it has read access to everyone: chmod -R a+rX ~cs236999/.www/Summer2013/;
  • This will create home link to which will display index.html there;
  • If you want other url address than the above, you can redirect to it in the index.html file with html '"HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH"' (search web for '"html redirect"', for help).

If you want other url address than the above, or you wish to change it for any other reason (for current semester only), and not use the above redirect option, please contact Hadas Heier (heier@cs).

If you want other url address than the above, for other semster than the current, please contact bracha@cs.

Please notice that the link from UG site is redirected to WebCouse site if no course site exist or specified.

News on Main Page

If you have some exciting news you wish to publish on the main page, prepare the following:

  • A one line title
  • Full text of the news item
  • [optional] News picture
  • [optional] Additional photos (to be presented as a photo gallery)
  • [optional] Documents to attach to the item

and send to Maya Sidis.


To publish an announcement, send a one line title and text, to Maya Sidis.

M.Sc. and Ph.D. Seminars

To have your seminar published in the announcements section of the site and sent to the mailing list:

  1. Download and edit this template. Keep special attention to the time and place format (leave them in the exact format as in the template). Also note that all fields except 'Abstract' must be on a single line. Edit with simple editor: vi,Emacs,Notepad, not MS-Word, for example;
  2. Send the file (after you proofread it) to Maya Sidis.

Note: an email announcing your seminar will automatically be sent to the CS-GRAD-SEMINARS-L list 72 hours before the event, and you will be CCed.

For PH.D. seminars, an announcing email will also be sent 14 days before the event.
The announcement will appear in the faculty home page events within up to 1 hour. Please make sure it does.

For more information please consult seminar presentation.

You can contact Maya Sidis for more help.