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CGGC Seminar: On Reconstructing 3D Thin Structures
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Wenping Wang (The University of Hong Kong)
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Monday, 28.12.2020, 16:00
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Zoom Lecture:
Thin structures are ubiquitous, such as ropes, cables, tree branches, wire arts, and wire-frame furniture. It is well known that 3D thin structures are challenging to reconstruct due to their narrow width and lack of distinct features. However, their reconstruction has received relatively little research attention. Clearly, the detection and reconstruction of these thin objects have many applications in computer graphics, computer vision, and robotics. In this talk I will present our recent works on reconstructing 3D thin structures from images, depth maps, and videos. Then I will analyze the limitations of the existing methods and discuss outstanding issues that need to be tackled in order to achieve real-time reconstruction of thin structures in the wild. Bio: Wenping Wang’s research interests cover computer graphics, computer visualization, computer vision, robotics, medical image processing, and geometric computing, and he has published over 160 journal papers in these fields. He is or has been journal associate editor of several international journals, including Computer Aided Geometric Design (CAGD), Computer Graphics Forum (CGF), IEEE Transactions on Computers, and IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, and has chaired a number of international conferences, including Pacific Graphics 2012, ACM Symposium on Physical and Solid Modeling (SPM) 2013, SIGGRAPH Asia 2013, and Geometry Summit in 2019. Prof. Wang received the John Gregory Memorial Award for contributions in geometric modeling. He is an IEEE Fellow.
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