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Code Retreat Workshop at CS
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Sunday, 11.04.2021, 17:30
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Zoom Event: Registration
You are invited to participate in the Code Retreat workshop that will take place at CS for the first time, in order sharpen the development skill and practice a four-hand programming method in four hands and one keyboard (Pair Programming), during which participants practice writing code in pairs and sharpen code skills while coordinating group work expectations, dealing with one thought, explore and practice different methods of software development:
• Starting with a simple programming problem. • Working in a team with another partner to discuss and solve the problem • More restrictions are added to force you to consider different approaches • After each round, deleting the code and returning to the beginning The event will take place on Sunday, April 11, 2021, 17:30 online zoom for about two hours, in the first 10 minutes an explanation of the activity will be given, then a split into rooms to start work, and participants will work in pairs throughout the activity with guidance and guidance from the workshop instructor. A link to the meeting will be sent after pre-registration (register in pairs!)