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Noam Bloch (VP HW architecture, NVIDIA)
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Wednesday, 05.05.2021, 11:30
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Zoom Lecture: 93093927833
In Modern data centers, resources are usually virtualized. Applications running on those date centers are distributed over many virtual machines. For those applications, the data centers provide software defined infrastructure services for networking, storage, and security. When software defined services are running within the same CPU as the applications, they consume CPU resources on the expanse of the applications. Moreover, the data center security can be jeopardized NVIDIA Data Center Infrastructure Processing Unit (DPU) allow migrating all the infrastructure services from the application CPU. This new architecture isolates the data center infrastructure from the application domain running on the CPUs or GPUs making this sensitive code independent on any application. NVIDIA DPU accelerates and abstract the storage, networking, and security service to enable applications to get the most out of the CPUs and GPUs. In this presentation, the fundamentals of NVIDIA DPU architecture will be presented, along with the NVIDIA DOCA SDK programming mode for the DPU, the system use cases and the impacts of this architecture on next generation data centers.