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CS LECTURE: Mathematical Foundations of Robust Geometry and Fabrication
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Oded Stein (MIT)
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Monday, 24.01.2022, 15:00
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Zoom Lecture: 91550335554

Current geometry methods for creating and manipulating shapes on computers can sometimes be unreliable and fail unpredictably. Such failures make geometry tools hard to use, prevent non-experts from creating geometry on their computers, and limit the use of geometry methods in domains where reliability is critical. We will discuss my recent efforts in proving when existing methods work as intended, my work in making methods more robust to imperfect input, my work in the creation of new reliable tools with mathematical guarantees, and my future efforts towards a reliable geometry pipeline. When used for computational fabrication, geometry methods can be expensive, finicky, and require a controlled environment. I will show how simple and economical manufacturing techniques can be used for computational fabrication by exploiting the geometric constraints inherent in specific materials and fabrication methods. We will take a look at how I create geometric tools to design for constrained fabrication techniques, and discuss how computational fabrication can be made both economical as well as accessible in difficult environments. Bio: Oded Stein is a postdoc at MIT at the geometric data processing group. He obtained his MSc from ETH Zurich in 2015, and his PhD from Columbia University in 2020. Oded is interested in geometry, computer graphics, and applied mathematics. He works on smoothness energies, partial differential equations, discretization of geometric quantities, and their applications to computer graphics and digital fabrication.