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REDEEMER: Reinforcement Learning Based CEP Pattern Miner for Knowledge Extraction
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Guy Shapira (M.Sc. Thesis Seminar)
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Wednesday, 23.02.2022, 09:00
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Zoom Lecture: 94383091556
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Advisor: Prof. A. Schuster
Complex Event Processing (CEP) are a set of methods that allow efficient knowledge extraction from massive data streams using complex and highly descriptive patterns. As of today, in many fields, patterns are manually defined by human experts. However, desired patterns often contain convoluted relations that are difficult for humans to detect, and human expertise is scarce in many domains. We present REDEEMER, a novel reinforcement and active learning approach aimed at mining CEP patterns that allow expansion of the knowledge extracted while reducing the human effort required. This approach includes a novel policy gradient method for vast multivariate spaces and a new way to combine reinforcement and active learning for CEP rule learning while minimizing the amount of labels needed for training. Our experiments on diverse data-sets demonstrate that REDEEMER is able to extend pattern knowledge while outperforming several state-of-the-art reinforcement learning methods for pattern mining.