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CS Guest Lecture: Open Software for the Parallel, Heterogeneous Future
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Guy Tamir (Technology Evangelist, Intel)
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Thursday, 19.01.2023, 10:30
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Zoom Lecture: 97146417324
The race for performance and the variety of specialized workloads drives the industry to build more parallel, heterogenous, and distributed computing systems. These systems introduce multiple programming challenges. This talk will overview the driving forces, world trends, challenges, and emerging solutions. Specifically, we will overview the oneAPI Initiative and its components and benefits. We will demonstrate SYCL's new programming paradigm and more. Biography: Guy Tamir is a technology evangelist at Intel Software and Advanced Technology group. His main areas of interest and expertise are Artificial Intelligence, Computer vision, Video processing, and Heterogeneous, multi-accelerator parallel computing. In addition, Guy is an active YouTuber with the OpenVINO and oneAPI video channel that just passed 3 million viewers recently. Guy holds an M.Sc. (EE, Technion) and MBA (Open University). Channel link: