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ceClub: Recent Intel Hybrid CPU Architecture
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Yuli Mandelblat (Intel)
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Wednesday, 07.06.2023, 15:30
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Room 352, EE Meyer Building
Why hybrid and what problems this technology solves? What is the difference between Intel’s Hybrid Technology and the other market solutions (e.g. Big-little)? Hybrid micro-architectural solutions: caches, fabric. How SW knows what core to use for what task. Intel Thread Director - what is does and why it is required. Future development of Hybrid solutions. Bio: Yuli (Julius) Mandelblat is an Intel Fellow of Client SoC Architecture Team. Yuli works at Intel since 1990. Throughout his career, he worked on multiple Intel CPUs in variety of areas of product development from validation and design to architecture. He was responsible for the development of the first multi-core solutions, on-die interconnect, memory ordering and coherency solutions, etc. In the latest Intel® client products Yuli led the definition of highly successful Hybrid architecture that was a key for the success of CPU’s of 12th and 13th generations of Intel CPU. Yuli holds M.Sc. degree from Russian University of Transport (MIIT). Yuli is an inventor of more than 20 patents in different areas of CPU architecture.