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Pixel Club: How to Beat classical Light-field Imaging’s Resolution Llimit
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Yoav Berlatzky (PxE Holographic Imaging)
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Tuesday, 27.06.2023, 11:30
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Room 1061, EE Meyer Building
Light-field cameras promised to revolutionize imaging by capturing and recording the propagation paths of light-rays through space. This light-field information, equivalent to canonical optical phase space, supposedly holds the “sys-admin” password to optical imaging. Digital post-processing and manipulation can allow digital refocusing of rays, correction of optical aberrations, as well as calculating the distance to every point in the imaged scene. However, once this technology was put into practice, its severe limitations and trade-offs became apparent. The main problem is that conventional light-field imaging contains an inherent trade-off between the light-rays’ angular information and the overall image resolution, analogous to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. PxE Holographic Imaging has developed a white-light holographic imaging camera that overcomes these limitations allowing highly accurate depth inference, digital refocusing and deblurring, as well as holographic, wavefront, and spectral imaging to be performed with no compromise on image resolution. In this talk we’ll explain the physics behind this breakthrough, and it’s relation to the optical coherence matrix formalism, the Wigner distribution, von Neumann measurements, and positive-operator-valued measures (POVMs). Yoav Berlatzky is CEO and co-founder of PxE Holographic Imaging. Prior to PxE, Yoav held engineering and managerial positions at Applied Materials and Nova Measuring Instruments. He holds a Ph.D. in physics from the Technion and has over 40 patents granted and pending.