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Internet-Scale Consensus in the Blockchain Era
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Joachim Neu
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Tuesday, 16.01.2024, 11:00
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Taub 601
Blockchains have ignited interest in Internet-scale consensus as a vital building block for decentralized applications and services that promise egalitarian access and robustness to faults and abuse. While the study of consensus has a 40+ year tradition, the new Internet-scale setting requires a fundamental rethinking of models, desiderata, and protocols. An emergent key challenge is to simultaneously serve clients with different requirements regarding the two fundamental aspects of security, liveness ("good things happen") and safety ("bad things don't happen"). For different instances of this theme, I present the first protocols that allow optimal liveness-safety tradeoff. Results from this line of work have found adoption in the Ethereum blockchain that powers an ecosystem worth $500bn+.

Short Bio

Joachim Neu is a PhD candidate at Stanford University advised by David Tse. His research focuses on Internet-scale consensus as a key enabler for decentralized systems, and spans distributed systems, probabilistic systems analysis, applied cryptography, and networking/communications. Website: