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Active Propulsion Noise Shaping For Multi-Rotor Aircraft Localization
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Gabriele Serussi (M.Sc. Thesis Seminar)
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Tuesday, 12.03.2024, 14:30
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Zoom Lecture:99864029841 and Taub 401
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Advisor: Prof. Alex M. Bronstein and Dr. Chaim Baskin
Multi-rotor aerial autonomous vehicles (MAVs) primarily rely on vision for navigation purposes. However, visual localization and odometry techniques suffer from poor performance in low or direct sunlight, a limited field of view, and vulnerability to occlusions. Acoustic sensing can serve as a complementary or even alternative modality for vision in many situations, and it also has the added benefits of lower system cost and energy footprint, which is especially important for micro aircraft. This work proposes actively controlling and shaping the aircraft propulsion noise generated by the rotors to benefit localization tasks, rather than considering it a harmful nuisance. We present a neural network architecture for self-noise-based localization in a known environment. We show that training it simultaneously with learning time-varying rotor phase modulation achieves accurate and robust localization. The proposed methods are evaluated using a computationally affordable simulation of MAV rotor noise in 2D acoustic environments that is fitted to real recordings of rotor pressure fields.