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TDC Seminar: From Distributed Computing to Cryptography and Back
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Ittai Abraham, Intel
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Monday, 11.03.2024, 13:30
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Zisapel (ECE) 608
I will share some of my learnings from working on problems on the intersection of Distributed Computing and Cryptography.

On the one hand, I will show how some cryptographic protocols (MPC and DKG) can be improved by using distributed computing counterparts for notions such as zero knowledge proofs and proofs of knowledge. On the other hand, I will show how distributed computing protocols (ABA) can be improved by carefully using notions of binding from cryptography. One recurring theme is the use of randomization to overcome adaptive malicious adversaries. Another is the use of amortization to overcome lower bounds.

Short Bio: Ittai is a senior researcher at Intel Labs and a contributor to Previously Ittai was at VMware Research and Microsoft Research. He holds a PhD from the Hebrew University.