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The Altru-Egoistic Approach to Collaborative Caching
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Amir Dachbash (M.Sc. Thesis Seminar)
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Thursday, 21.03.2024, 10:30
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Zoom Lecture:93387090038
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Advisor: Prof. Roy Friedman
In this lecture we will explore collaborative caching algorithms in order to boost the effectiveness of caches in a distributed storage system. I'll introduce a scheme that partitions each node’s cache into two conceptual regions: an egoistic area whose goal is to contain the most valuable data for the node that owns the cache, and an altruistic area whose goal is to contain the most valuable data for the system as a whole. Each node’s division between these two regions is dynamically adjusted locally.

We introduce a family of algorithms that analyze cross-nodes statistics to decide how much memory to allocate to each partition in each node. We study the behavior of these algorithms through simulations of both synthetic workloads as well as multiple real traces from several sources. These simulations demonstrate the improvement in cache hit ratio for the entire system compared to state-of-the-art