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Guest seminar - How to design innovative software?
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Prof. Daniel Jackson, MIT
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Wednesday, 27.03.2024, 12:00
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Auditorium 012, floor 0
I will explain how successful innovations in software can usually be traced to just one or two "concepts" that offer new scenarios that, with seemingly small shifts, radically change how an application is used. I give examples from apps such as Zoom, WhatsApp and Calendly. I explain how concepts, each with their own characteristic scenarios, can be composed to form apps. I explain how this idea can be used to make software more usable, modular and consistent. More information at: Prof. Jackson's bio: Daniel Jackson is professor of computer science at MIT, and associate director of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT’s largest lab. His latest book, The Essence of Software, was published in November 2021, and offers a radical new approach to the design of software. Jackson is also a photographer. His book, Portraits of Resilience, which combined stories and photographic portraits of people who had experienced mental health challenges, was published by MIT Press in Dec 2017, and was featured on PBS's Newshour and NPR’s Here and Now. Register at the link
Guest seminar - How to design innovative software?