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Protected Test-Time Domain Adaptation via Online Entropy Matching
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Yarin Bar (M.Sc. Thesis Seminar)
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Sunday, 16.06.2024, 11:00
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Taub 9
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Advisor: Dr. Yaniv Romano
In this paper, we present a novel approach for test-time domain adaptation via online self-training, consisting of two components. First, we introduce a statistical framework that detects distribution shifts in the classifier's entropy values obtained on a stream of unlabeled samples. Second, we devise an online adaptation mechanism that utilizes the evidence of distribution shifts captured by the detection tool to dynamically update the classifier's parameters. The resulting adaptation process drives the distribution of test entropy values obtained from the self-trained classifier to match those of the source domain. This approach departs from the conventional self-training method, which focuses on minimizing the classifier's entropy. Our approach combines concepts in betting martingales and online learning to form a detection tool capable of quickly reacting to distribution shifts. We then reveal a tight relation between our adaptation scheme and optimal transport, which forms the basis of our novel self-supervised loss. Experimental results demonstrate that our approach improves test-time accuracy under distribution shifts while maintaining accuracy and calibration in their absence, outperforming leading entropy minimization methods across various scenarios.