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CE Club: Persistent Memory Programming without Persistent Memory
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Gal Assa
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Wednesday, 26.06.2024, 11:30
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Zoom Lecture: 94673013539 & Zisapel 506

The arrival of persistent memory devices to consumer market has revived the interest in transactional durable algorithms. Persistent memory is touted as having two attributes that distinguish it from other storage technologies: fine access granularity and fast persistece.

In the first part of the talk we investigate how these attributes differentiate persistent memory from block storage in the context of buffered durability – a relaxed approach that allows some progress loss upon system crash. We present TL4x, a novel persistent transactional memory framework capable of providing buffered durable linearizable transactions with high scalability for disjoint writes and efficient persistence on either persistent memory or block storage devices. TL4x maintains a volatile snapshot which is used for both persistence and irrevocable read-only transactions, which can facilitate long range-query operations.

The second part of the talk will be dedicated to CXL0, the first programming model for disaggregated memory over the newly emerging CXL standard. It addresses memory sharing between processors with different architectures in a cache coherent manner. We will discuss the need for a new programming model and present a transformation that provides linearizable algorithms with durable linearizability under a partial-system crash failure.

Gal is a PhD student supervised by Prof. Idit Keidar.