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Wrong Mathematical Proofs for Possibly Correct Claims: Implications and Applications in Cyber Security and Chip Design
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Prof. Oded Margalit (Ben Gurion University)
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Tuesday, 02.07.2024, 14:30
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Taub Auditorium 012
In this talk, we'll explore intriguing parallels between incorrect mathematical proofs and critical failures in technology, demonstrating their impact and lessons learned, like: 1. Mathematical Proofs and Social Engineering: How hand-waving a mathematical proof is similar to social engineering, and why larger hardware implementations might surprisingly be more efficient. 2. Cybersecurity and Mathematical Proofs: The surprising connection between a cyber attack that nearly caused an airplane crash and the proof that any finite set of horses has the same color, illustrating the importance of thorough proof validation in ensuring safety. 3. Hacking games and testing: Drawing a parallel between winning Super Mario in less than two minutes and the four-color theorem, highlighting similar challenges that cost Intel $475M. Bio: Oded Margalit is the Head Scientist at NextSilicon and an Adjunct Professor in the Computer Science department at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Previously, he was a researcher at the IBM Haifa Research Lab (HRL) and the CTO of Citi's Cyber Security Innovation Center (CSIC). Oded has an extensive background in machine learning, optimization, formal verification, and cybersecurity. He is also dedicated to educational outreach, having created mathematical and programming challenges for a wide range of learners, including elementary school students (CodeGuru), high school students (CodeGuru Xtreme), university students (IEEEXtreme), and other audiences (PonderThis and more). Technion Host: Erez Petrank