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General Techniques for Interpolation, Reconstruction, and Morphing of Polyhedral Surfaces
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Amir Vaxman (Ph.D. Thesis Seminar)
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Sunday, 23.01.2011, 13:00
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Taub 337
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Advisor: Prof. Gill Barequet
The topic of shape reconstruction is a major research branch of geometric processing. The two major problems which are commonly researched are reconstruction of two and three-dimensional objects from point sets, and reconstruction from cross-sections. This research focuses on the latter, which has received a substantial amount of attention in the last three decades, and which has specifically gained considerable momentum in the last few years. We propose two solutions for the problem of reconstruction from cross-sections: A geometric approach, utilizing the three-dimensional straight skeleton, and a variational shape approach, which seeks to discover the best interpolating surface in terms of an energy functional.