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CSpecial Talk: Building Software You Can Trust
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Ariel Kogan (BMC Software)
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Tuesday, 20.12.2011, 14:30
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Taub 7
We all write code, as a matter of fact, for most of us is part of what we do on a daily basis be it our jobs, personal projects or studies. However, when all those lines of code that we throw here and there become part of an application and that application is developed by a significant number of developers, we should take proper care of our code.

Many names have been given to proper management of code: Configuration Manager, Application Lifecycle Manager, DevOps, etc. and many tools have been developed to make our life easier. The truth is that no matter if someone is doing it for you in your organization, every developer should be aware of it and fully understands the process.

Why do we need to do this? Because we are probably going to be maintaining more than one version of our product at any given time and we want to be able to trace back everything we did to help us understand it or fix it. We most likely may also be required to be able to rollback certain parts of our code fast and easy for numerous different reasons.

In this talk we are going to go through the entire stack that will let us manage in a relatively simple way our code/application lifecycle. We are going to start from the IDE, we’ll keep track of our code, build it, manage dependencies, test it, produce reports, deploy it and handle bugs or change requests, everything will be done in a traceable manner. It’s an attractive session that will give us an overview of the practices that are a must in every (serious) company you’ll work. In addition to the formal presentation we will have a live ongoing demo for a hands-on experience.

Some of the tools we are going to introduce are: Git, Gradle, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Jenkins, Artifactory, JUnit, Cobertura and Jira. Most of them are free to use and strongly backed by the Community.

Join us for the session that will change the way you develop.