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Bioinformatics Forum: Biomed Data at Work
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Eugene Kolker (Children's Hospital, University of Washington)
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Tuesday, 03.04.2012, 13:30
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Shelter seminar room, Biology, Technion
Access to high-quality data drives our ability to ask questions and find answers. Our lab has a number of projects based on this premise. Proteomics data from experimental research in diabetes has enabled the discovery of two promising beta cell regulators, Netrin and Sem3a. We have built MOPED, a human and model organisms’ protein expression database, to provide a comprehensive summary of publicly available proteomics data. With MOPED, users can browse, sort, query, visualize, and compare their own data against existing studies. Along with access to data comes the need for high-quality analysis of data. We have built SPIRE, a web-based freely available proteomics analysis pipeline to support and expand researchers’ capabilities as they move from data to knowledge. To further leverage these data resources, the life sciences community has enhanced its collaborations across diverse domains and strengthened its alliance with computer and data experts. The Data-Enabled Life Sciences Alliance International (DELSA) was founded to become the leading voice and coordinating framework to accelerate data-enabled life sciences research. Finally, the team is also working on improving the management and effectiveness of healthcare organizations by mining their extensive data resources.