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Pixel Club: The Noise Clinic
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Jean Michel Morel (CMLA, Ecole Normale Supereure de Cachan, France)
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Wednesday, 19.09.2012, 11:30
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Room 337-8 Taub Bld.
All images have noise, but this noise may have undergone many distortions. Can we take any image, say, an olde photograph, and denoise it? This requires a good denoising method and an accurate noise estimator, both working for "any" image and "any" noise. I'll discuss both aspects, and particularly how to estimate a signal-dependen​t and scale-dependent noise. A prototype of the noise clinic is currently on line at http://dev.ipol​.im/~colom/ipol​_demo/noise_cli​nic/ (username : demo, password: demo).

This facility permits anyone to try on her own images or scanned old photographs, and to browse through the results of the others in the archive. The main conclusion of the first experiments is that the noise estimation is the crucial point to get an efficient noise clinic.