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Software Engineering Projects Annual Presentation
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Tuesday, 02.07.2013, 10:30
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Room 337-8 Taub Bld.
The CS annual Program Engineering presentation will be held by the on Tuesday, July 2 2013, between 10:30-12.30, in CS Taub 337 (3rd floor)as follows:

Elfy is a software project designed to make the lives of cancer patients and their loved ones better, by presenting:
An android application for monitoring various patients' everyday health-related parameters combined with:
- real-time feedback to patients' caretakers in case of worsening in patients' state
- A user-friendly website for a more detailed description of patients' process of

Elfy offers an easy and convenient way to put one's finger on the pulse while fighting cancer.

Get a Ride
A social carpooling app.

TeamApp presents a new way for you to team up! It makes it easier than ever to find
friends or new people around you and to team up with them for a common goal - soccer game,
study group, meeting at the bar, lunch and practically anything you can think of! You can create
new events, join events around you, talk about an event with other attendees, share your events
on Facebook, get directions via Waze and many more possibilities!

The motivation of this project is to provide a new interface for Android-powered
smartphones, adapted to the special needs of visually impaired and blind individuals. This will be
a free (open source) application (existing options cost as much as some hundreds NIS), with
support for the Hebrew and the ability for translation to any language.

The end users of this application are blind, visually impaired and elderly individuals. We
support both basic functionalities for non-technical users, and also more advanced features for
more advanced users. This application uses both big, simple icons, and big text, in order to
facilitate understanding by visually impaired people; but those are not strictly necessary, and it is
possible to understand and to use the application using only the auditive feedback of the
application, thus permitting the use of the application by blind people.

A system that will help the patients and their caretakers (e.g. close family and medical staff) keep track of their medicine therapy and sufficient water intake. The system consists of three different interfaces that patients, doctors and close family can use. The application will remind patients to take their medicine and drink enough water during the day. The doctors will have access to the patients’ activity regarding the medicine and water intake. In addition, they will have access to the general status of the patient (requires sensors). In addition, the family will be aware of exceptional events regarding the patient.