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Pixel Club: On 3D Spirals and Surface Completion
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Gur Harary (EE, Technion)
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Wednesday, 14.08.2013, 11:30
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EE Meyer Building 1061
My research addresses two fields. The first field is 3D spirals, were we define two novel three-dimensional spirals: the 3D Euler spirals and the 3D logarithmic spirals, and demonstrate their utility for curve completion and for modeling. The second field is surface completion. Both fields are incorporated to create a surface completion algorithm that is able to complete extensively large holes.

In this talk I will focus on surface completion.

Physical artifacts often contain holes of missing geometry. Such holes are not the result of scanning, but rather come from the source objects themselves, which might be broken or incomplete. We introduce an algorithm to synthesize missing geometry for a given triangle mesh that has “holes.” Similarly to previous work, the algorithm is context-based in that it fills the hole by synthesizing geometry that is similar to the remainder of the input mesh. Our algorithm goes further to impose a coherence objective. A synthesis is coherent if every local neighborhood of the filled hole is similar to some local neighborhood of the input mesh. This requirement avoids undesired features such as can occur in context-based completion. We demonstrate the algorithm’s ability to fill holes that were difficult or impossible to fill in a compelling manner by earlier approaches.

PhD research under the supervision of Prof. Ayellet Tal.