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Haifux Club: Software Defined Networking
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Yonatan Zilpa (See Security College)
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Monday, 30.09.2013, 19:30
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Taub 5
In this talk we will give a brief review on SDN paradigm for networking. We start with a brief historical introduction on the evolution of SDN. While still an evolving SDN paradigm offers significant benefits. In oppose to Interdomain routing the SDN paradigm separates the control plane from the data plane this paradigm creates new opportunities and challenges. Among the benefit side SDN offers better routing policy constraints, easy service deployment, adaptability, security features and rapid network development. On the down side, SDN still has issues in regards to scalability, reliability and consistency.

We will use mininet, a virtual network environment to create and analyze various SDN network topologies. We will discuss on OpenFlow, the first standard communications interface defined between the control and forwarding layers of an SDN architecture. OpenFlow is a Southbound API we will use Northbound API such as pox and pyretic to review SDN programming examples.