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CSL Luncheon: MOLStream- A Modular Rapid Development and Evaluation Framework for Live P2P Streaming
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Alex Libov
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Thursday, 31.10.2013, 12:30
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Room 337-8 Taub Bld.
Advisor: Roy Friedman
This work presents MOLStream, a modular framework for rapid development and evaluation of P2P live streaming systems. MOLStream allows P2P streaming protocols to be decomposed into basic blocks, each associated with a standard functional specification. By exposing structural commonalities between these components, MOLStream enables specific implementations of these building blocks to be combined in order to devise, refine and evaluate new P2P live streaming protocols. Our approach offers several benefits. First, block encapsulation entails that more advanced individual components, e.g., the overlay, can seamlessly replace existing ones without affecting the rest of the system. As a case study, we show how MOLStream can seamlessly substitute the overlay used by DONet/CoolStreaming, a popular P2P live streaming implementation, for an improved version. Second, MOLStream facilitates the comparison between various protocols which helps researchers and students understand how various design choices at different levels impact the performance and scalability of the protocol. MOLStream is written in Java and is freely available as an open-source project at molstream sourceforge page