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CGGC Seminar: Precise Convex Hull Computation for FreeformModels using a Hierarchical Gauss Map and a Coons Bounding Volume Hierarchy
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Yong Joon Kim (CS, Technion)
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Sunday, 03.11.2013, 13:00
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Room 337-8 Taub Bld.
We present an interactive-speed algorithm for computing the precise convex hull of freeform geometric models. The algorithm is based on two pre-built data structures: (i) a Gauss map organized in a hierarchy of normal pyramids and (ii) a Coons bounding volume hierarchy (CBVH) which effectively approximates freeform surfaces with a hierarchy of bilinear surfaces. For the axis direction of each normal pyramid, we sample a point on the convex hull boundary using the CBVH. The sampled points together with the hierarchy of normal pyramids serve as a hierarchical approximation of the convex hull, with which we can eliminate the majority of redundant surface patches. We compute the precise trimmed surface patches on the convex hull boundary using a numerical tracing technique and then stitch them together in a correct topology while filling the gaps with tri-tangent planes and bi-tangent developable scrolls. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our algorithm using experimental results.