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CSL Luncheon: How to write a good (systems) paper
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Prof. Gernot Heiser
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Thursday, 14.11.2013, 12:30
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Room 337-8 Taub Bld.
Much good work fails to get the recognition it deserves because it does not get published in high-profile conferences. The good venues are highly competitive, and PC members have to review a large number of papers, and generally look for deficiencies to eliminate papers. For a paper to be accepted, it must not only have good ideas, it requires a convincing case that it addresses a relevant problem, and does a convincing job of solving the problem. Besides that, it must be presented well, as the reviewers do not have the time for archeological exercises. This talk focuses on what I call “paper engineering”, a systematic approach to turning an idea into a publishable paper. It is primarily focused at the “systems” community, but much of it should apply to other areas of experimental computer science.