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Haifux Club: Linux Containers and the future cloud (part II)
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Rami Rosen
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Monday, 31.03.2014, 18:30
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Taub 6
Lightweight process virtualization is a virtualization technology which exists for many years, in Linux and in other OSs, and which matured significantly in the recent year. Linux-based containers are based on this technology. In this lecture, I will discuss the Linux kernel infrastructure for Linux-based containers as well as several interesting userspace projects which use this technology.

Following is a list of the main topics which will be discussed:

Namespaces and Cgroups - the building blocks of containers.
A Short survery of Linux container projects (open source and proprietary).
- The LXC project:
- LXC containers
- LXC management
Docker - the Open Source containers engine project.
CRIU (Chekpoint/Restore in userspace)
and more.