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CSpecial Guest Lecture: Graduate Studies - Why Bother?
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Oded Cohn (IBM Research, Haifa)
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Tuesday, 29.04.2014, 12:30
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CS Taub Build. Auditorium 2
Oded Cohn, a Technion CS graduate who is now a Vice President at IBM and the Director of IBM Research - Haifa Lab, will share his perspective on technology career development, academia vs. industry, startup vs. large corporation, research and innovation. In particular, he will discuss the question of why is it important to continue studying for advanced degrees, MSc and PhD, in todays employment environment which is happily offering positions for Technion CS/EE Bachelors. Examples of Information Technology based innovations that matter to the world, which are grounded in deep science, will be presented.
CSpecial Guest Lecture: Graduate Studies - Why Bother?