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ceClub: Network Functions Virtualization (and other major shifts in networking) - a Survey
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Elisha Rosensweig (Alcatel-Lucent)
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Monday, 10.11.2014, 11:30
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EE Meyer Building 861
Cloud technology is a dynamic and innovative field, which brings with it many changes in the way we perform large-scale computing, supply and consume data, and manage our data online. Recently, Cloud technology has begun to show it's impact on the manner in which Service Providers (SPs) manage their networks. Today's leading SPs have recently announced their goal to move towards Network Function Virtualization (NFV), a major shift which means moving their services onto a large, self-managed distributed Cloud. This move will require major changes in today's networks, both in terms of how the network functions are developed and deployed, as well as the overall management of the network.

In this talk we will present a broad survey of the above changes. We will discuss the technological and business motivation for SPs to move to the Cloud, present a few concrete examples for this shift, and survey other related activities in the field of Future Internet Architectures (FIA).

Elisha Rosensweig received his PhD from UMass Amherst in 2012, which focused on Content Oriented Networks. Since then, he has been working on Network Function Virtulization as a developer in CloudBand, Alcatel-Lucent. He has recently also been working on developing course material for NFV and teaching in Tel-Aviv University.